Lock and security solutions for government facilities


Government facilities and offices, including police stations, courts, correctional institutions and the defense industry, have a great need for flexible lock and security solutions. Whether physical or logical access control, solutions must be future-proof and easy to administrate. The system must be able to adapt to suit the situation and any threats that might arise.

Government facilities house wide range of activities in many buildings, each with different functional and security requirements, from offices, training centers and exercise areas to top-secret facilities. Reliable doors and systems are a must in high security environments and everything from mechanical locks and door hardware to electronic solutions such as alarms and access control systems need to work as a whole.

Perimeter and grounds security

The first line of safety for a government institution is the physical barrier that controls, and limits, access to the grounds. This can include fencing, gates and security cameras. Access control systems that allow for remote monitoring from a central location ensure that all visitor access is controlled.

Main entrances

The main entrance may include a physical access component through an automated door opening such as an automatic sliding, revolving or swinging door. Electronic access control systems can be added to tailor security levels to suit different times. They can also be integrated with surveillance cameras and security systems controlled from a central point, logging the details of visitors who have entered.

Administrative areas

Essential to maintaining everyday operations, administrative environments such as offices and storage facilities require specialized products such as master key systems to prevent unauthorized keys and logical access solutions to allow access to networks or information. From high-security deadlocks on secure storerooms to padlocks for lockers, all products need to be strong and robust.

Copying and printing machines

Using a 'secure print authentication' document printing solution extends the facility's existing security investment by combining a secure document print release system with the same smart cards that are used for building access. This is ideal for institutions and organizations trying to reduce their carbon footprint, waste associated with printing and electricity consumption.

Emergency exits

An emergency exit or panic exit device must allow fast and efficient evacuation during emergency circumstances, and but still remain an important part of the building's primary security by restricting access or ensuring entry at all other times. Stringent requirements for emergency evacuation and fire safety mean there is a high demand for security and steel doors.