WEP series Fire Door System

ㆍ Automatically closing to prevent toxic gas
ㆍ Followed by Korean Fire Act
ㆍ Slim design
ㆍ Motor driven
ㆍ Maximum opening: 210 mm
ㆍ Manual closing is possible without electric signal
ㆍ FILK (Fire Insurers Laboratories of Korea) certified
ㆍ Door size: Up to 1500mm×13500mm
ㆍ Applied super condenser to back up power
ㆍWindow size: 1500W X 1300H
ㆍMax opening: 200mm
ㆍPower source : DC24V
ㆍDifferential pressure : 50±2 Pa
ㆍOpening force : Less than 60N
ㆍClosing force : Less than 80N
Installation pictures